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Java 1.8 or newer is required to run FlowLogic. For technical support, please contact Miltenyi Biotec

Flowlogic Manuals

Full Manual Full Manual

FlowLogic Installation Guide FlowLogic Installation Guide

License Activation & Managing ‘Your Account’ online License Activation & Managing ‘Your Account’ online

FlowLogic - Remote License Activation and Release FlowLogic - Remote License Activation and Release

Flowlogic Tutorials

FlowLogic 7.3 Overview FlowLogic 7.3 Overview

Managing the License

Remote License Activation and Release Remote License Activation and Release

Analysis Basics

Preferences Preferences
Importing Files Importing Files
File Navigator File Navigator
Creating and Managing Gates Creating and Managing Gates
The Plot Side Drawer The Plot Side Drawer
Gate List Tab Gate List Tab
Compensation Compensation
Displaying Multiple Statistics on Plots Displaying Multiple Statistics on Plots
Saving Your Analysis Saving Your Analysis

Advanced Features

IndexLogic IndexLogic
MQD Volumetric Statistics MQD Volumetric Statistics
Splitting Grouped MQD Files Splitting Grouped MQD Files
Groups Groups
Overlays Overlays
Statistics Statistics
Boolean Gates Boolean Gates
PlateLogic PlateLogic
GraphLogic GraphLogic
Importing Plate Data into GraphLogic Importing Plate Data into GraphLogic
DocLogic DocLogic
Inserting Statistics Tables in DocLogic Inserting Statistics Tables in DocLogic
CompLogic CompLogic
TitrateLogic TitrateLogic
Cell Cycle Analysis Cell Cycle Analysis
Proliferation Proliferation
Importing Keywords from CSV Files Importing Keywords from CSV Files
Building Plates from the File Navigator Building Plates from the File Navigator
Axis Range Adjustment Axis Range Adjustment
File Replacement File Replacement
Graphing Two Independent Variables Graphing Two Independent Variables
Two-way ANOVA Two-way ANOVA
Merging Analysis Files Merging Analysis Files
Folder Actions Folder Actions
Global Analysis Templates Global Analysis Templates
BeadLogic Setup BeadLogic Setup
BeadLogic analysis workflow BeadLogic analysis workflow

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