About us

Our Vision

To accelerate scientific discovery through the provision of Next Generation biotechnology software solutions.

Our Mission

The volume, complexity and interconnectedness of biomedical data is increasing rapidly as digital technologies proliferate. Inivai Technologies' mission is to create software products and intellectual property which will assist scientists and medical personnel to effectively manage and analyze biomedical data.

Our Team

Inivai Technologies is committed to innovation and lateral thinking. Our talented and impressively qualified team makes achieving this commitment a reality. Drawn from a wide range of technical, business, legal, and academic backgrounds, our collective knowledge base provide more than a competitive edge – it opens the possibility for speed and agility, true imagination, and the development of bio-technology software that looks to the future.

Our Products

We are proud to say that with FlowLogic™ nearing a decade of maturity and our younger and no less powerful products you will be changing the way that you do your analysis.

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